Aggie’s Cottage No. 2

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Fully-Built Shed - Prefabricated Shed

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Sheds are delivered to your home and placed in your backyard (if possible). Your coop will be prefabricated, or completely, fully built, before it arrives at your home.

Rachel’s Cottage is offered in nine color combinations. This attractive shed comes in 16 sizes from the smallest at 6’ x 8’ to the largest size shed at 12’ x 32’. Further customize your shed with an interior option that is designed to meet your needs. Three interior customization options are available.

This model offers double a-frame rooflines to create a stylish home-like cottage feel. Two to three colors and shades of paint were chosen by designers to coordinate with modern and older homes. Rachel’s Cottage comes standard with 30 year shingles with tar paper for a truly high durability roof. Beautiful windows and handcrafted doors accent and define the style of this shed.

Rachel’s Cottage shed comes standard with wonderful features. First, the double a-frame roof looks delightful. Large windows (2) double 24” x 36” with shutters, one 30” x 36” arched window and one 14” x 16” window are all included standard on this shed. The front window has an attached flower box. The door is hand made with an curved top. It also includes a window and keyed lock.

Our sheds stand the test of time. Stash sheds are known for their long life and quality. The floor is constructed with pressure treated floor joists that are 12” on center. We use 5/8” plywood flooring. The roof is installed using tar paper and 30 year architectural shingles. Our siding has a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty and is insect and mold resistant.Plan to repaint your Rachel’s Cottage Stash Shed every 10-15 years to continue to protect the engineered wood siding.



STANDARD FEATURES for 8 x 12 Shed Size of Rachel's Cottage

(sheds of different sizes will have an appropriate height, roof pitch, quantity of windows and flower box size based on achieving the look closest to shown)

  • A-Frame Roofline
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingle Roof
  • Tar Paper
  • Engineered Wood Siding with 50 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Touchup Paint and Extra Shingles
  • 36” Flower Box
  • (2) double 24” x 40” Insulated Double Hung Windows with Screens and Shutters
  • (1) 30” x 36” arched window
  • (2) Cottage Vents
  • (1) Handmade Entry Door with Keyed Lock and Window
  • 76 1/2” High Walls
  • Roof Overhangs 6”
  • Overall Height 9’ 6”
  • 12” On-Center Pressure Treated Floor Joists
  • 1/2” Plywood  Roof Sheathing
  • 5/12 Roof Pitch


Delivery includes in-place home delivery of your fully-built / prefab shed or garage.*

Delivery is available in the contiguous United States. Please see additional requirements and conditions below. 

How Ordering and Delivery Works

When you order and pay for your shed or garage, this is what happens:

  1. Your order form, delivery form and invoice are created.
  2. Payment is processed.
  3. A copy of your invoice and order are emailed to you. (Please let us know any corrections or changes within 48 hours. (We have a no changes / no cancellation policy after 72 hours of your order date so please email us right away if you have a request.)
  4. Your shed or garage is scheduled to be built.
  5. Materials are confirmed in-stock or ordered.
  6. Within 10 business days, or about 3 to 4 weeks, (depending on your shed or garage model and delivery factors), the shed or garage is constructed.
  7. Your item is loaded onto the next truck heading to your way.
  8. A few days prior to your delivery you will receive a call from your delivery person with details about delivery timing.

How are Sheds and Garages Shipped and Delivered?

Our sheds and garages are given the white glove treatment for delivery service.  We do not use major carriers or freight delivery companies. (Unfortunately even though freight shipping is faster and can be more economical, we have not found it to be better.) Many large structures shipped with major carriers arrive damaged. Our tried-and-true method for delivery of undamaged sheds and garages and happy customers is to ship your item on an open air trailer or for long distance sometimes in an enclosed trailer with drivers who are familiar with residential delivery of fully pre-built structures.

A question a lot of customers ask is, can the shed or garage be lifted over a wall or gate. No. Our sheds and garages are built like small houses, super sturdy but also heavy. These structures are many hundreds to thousands of pounds and cannot be lifted over walls or gates or up or down steps. The opening into your yard, and along the path to where the structure will be placed, must be the width of your shed or garage plus at the very least two inches. Please carefully check the specification for the OUTER dimensions of your structure as most sheds and garages are wider than their name indicates in order to accommodate roof overhangs. We are happy to build a narrower structure for you if that is required for a good delivery.

There are certain things that you need to know to make your shed or garage delivery and placement go smoothly.

If possible, the driver will drive his truck with the trailer into your yard and slide the shed or garage right off the trailer and into place. It is poetry in motion. In order for that to happen, you must have a least an 8' wide opening and no walls, gates, steps or anything that wouldn't be possible for a heavy truck with a loaded trailer to drive over. (Remember that there may be other customer items on the trailer too along with yours too.) You also must have enough overhead clearance. If you do not have enough space or your yard or other features may be damaged by the truck and trailer, be sure to let us know. We commonly use shed movers - sort of like motorized outdoor fork lifts for tight squeezes or areas that may be easily damaged. You must inform the driver of your preference. Please also know that we cannot be responsible for any damage to your lawn from placement of your shed or garage. There is no magic to keep indents from happening during a normal delivery. If your ground it wet, it will be worse. If this is an issue, please let us know right away so we can wait on your delivery. Working together with our customers makes delivery go the most smoothly. 

Preparing the Ground

We can recommend two companies that prepare foundations for sheds if you are in our area and for some of the surrounding states. If not, please know that there are companies out there that do this and it is likely that a friend or neighbor has a source or good 'ol Google can provide some options.

Recommended Shed and Garage Foundation Preparation Companies

Bedrock Siteworks


Stoltzfus Foundations


We recommend the following two for preparing your yard for your new shed or garage:

  1. Level the ground
  2. Place pressure treated 4x4s on the ground around the perimeter of the structure. Leave a 6" to 12" space on each side so a 10' x 10' shed would have at least a 11' x 11' area.
  3. Stake the 4x4s with rebar
  4. Use a physical barrier to keep weeds from deteriorating your structure from the bottom up.
  5. Add 3/4" of clean stone in the space under the structure.