What Size Shed Do i need?

Tiny Shed (Fewer than 80sqft)

Common Dimensions: 4’x7’; 4’x8’

  • Single-use storage (ex: bikes, push mower, snow blower)
  • Small collection of gardening tools (ex: shovels & rakes, pots)
  • Small backyard toys

Tiny sheds are affordable and space-efficient. They can be built against the side of a house to maximize backyard space. 


Small Shed (90-120sqft)

Common Dimensions: 10’x12’; 8’x12’

  • Single-use storage (ex: atv, large riding mower, patio furniture)
  • Hobby tools (ex: bandsaw, dremmel, hammer & saw collection)
  • Small workspace (ex: planting station)
  • Backyard toys

Small sheds are perfect for basic backyard storage. They can comfortably hold at least one bulky item, OR a hobbyist’s collection of landscaping or building tools. 


Medium Shed (120-200 sqft)

Common Dimensions: 8’x16’; 10’x16’

  • 1-3 large items (ex: riding mowers, atvs)
  • Medium hobby space (workbench & shelves w/walking space)
  • Very small automobile or boat  (ex: smart car)

This is where sheds start to get “roomy”. A medium shed is large enough to hold a few bulkier items, or to build a comfortable workshop or hobby space. 


Large Shed (240-280sqft)

Common Dimensions: 12’x20’; 20’x24’

  • One automobile or boat (12’x20’)
  • Two automobiles or one large SUV (20’x24’)
  • Automobile workshop

Sheds this large are usually built for one use (and one use only)-- to store the big stuff. Large sheds will hold 1-2 cars, and can serve as a workshop large enough for home car-service. Heck, these are BIG...build a party-shed!